Friday, December 16, 2011

What is in my suitcase and beauty case!

A few weeks a go, I went back to The Netherlands for a selection day on a university!
I flight back to The Netherlands and I had a suitcase with me!

I find it always nice to she what people bring with them, now you can have a look in my suitcase and beauty case! The most important thing for me are:
 - My wallet (with a passport)
 - My phone and charger
 - My make-up
 - My hair care products (especially a good hair brush mine is from Shu Uemura)
 - My favorite clothing and some nice shoes!

This is my beauty case with my make-up! I love Chanel the packaging is so pretty!
What I mostly use for my make-up is:
 - Foundation (Catrice or Chanel)
 - Powder (Estée Lauder)
 - Bronzer ( Estée Lauder)
 - Blush (Chanel, Mac)
 - Mascara (Pupa)
 - Eyebrow pencil ( Hema)
 - Lip balm ( Afther eden, Rosebud)
 - Hair serum (Shu Uemura)
 - High liter (Sleek)

What I eat in a day!

I start my day always with breakfast and the most of the time I eat fruit and I love mango for breakfast!
Sometimes I eat quinoa for breakfast that is a grain and it is very good for your health! 

Than for a snack I love the Raw choc brownie (from the Whole foods market)
Or I eat fruit, I love fruit!!!!

For my lunch I eat mostly a salad or sometimes a soup! 

In the evening I eat now in the winter a warm meal! It varies but I love to eat steamed veggies, broccoli, asperges with roasted tomatoes! In the evening I eat some fish with it! I don't eat meat but I still eat fish! 

After this meal I eat mostly some dark chocolate! Jummy!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Healthy lifestyle, The Whole Foods Market!

Yes finally a message from me!
I am sorry I was so busy with my English exam!

I like to talk about health!
For me a healthy lifestyle is very important because I like to feel healthy and know what I put into my body! I will make more articles about a healthy lifestyle and what I eat and what is healthy!
I think more people must be aware about the health! What you eat has a great effect on your health!
If you eat healthy you feel better and you look better (skin, hair, nails, teeth etc.).

I would like you to tell about The Whole Foods Market, it is my favorite supermarket!
I live now in England and in London there is one! Unfortunately there is no one in The Netherlands!
My favorite is at the Kensington High street:
Fruit and vegetables!
 I was at a very nice juice bar in London:
At this juice bar they have a lot of super foods that you can put in your smoothie!
 This was my smoothie, it was very nice!! Jummy!!
This is what I bought from the Whole Foods Market:

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Hi Everyone,
Two weeks ago I was with my boyfriend in London!
I show you some pictures of the weekend!

 In London they had stolen my Iphone. I was so upset about it!
 It is ridiculous!!
 Lunch in London at Selfridge SUSHI!!
 Dinner in the evening in London!

Thanks, have a nice day bye!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

My new eyelash curler from Chanel

Today is my eyelash curler from Tangle Tweezer broken.
This was a very good eyelash curler but it was plastic because that is not so bad for your eyelashes!
But unfortunately that was not so strong!

Last week I saw a very nice eyelash curler from Chanel in Guildford, it was really cool it was black and with withe letters CHANEL on it!

I bought today a new eyelash curler!
I was in the House of Fraser, and I have bought a new eyelash curler from Chanel!
It is also a limited edition, it is only now in the assortment.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Face of the day

Today my first face of the day! Here in England I bought new earrings and they are red.
Today I am wearing this earrings and I thing the red lips are lovely with them! 

What I am wearing:
Foundation Chanel Vitalumiere aqua
Powder Maybelline dream mat powder 
Eyebrow pensil HEMA (It is a dutch brand)
Bronzing powder Estée lauder
Mascara Pupa (I love this mascara)
Eye pensil: Pupa
Clinique chubby stick (05 chunky cerry)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Now in England

Sorry Sorry everyone for my late message!
Last week was my first week here in England and it was so busy!
My parents brought me and they stayed for one night!
It was a very nice weekend with my parents and the family!
The two girls are so lovely!!

The left girl is Talli and the right girl is Darcy.

Windsor castle! I was there with my parents.

Were I live in England is very nice, there are shops and big cities in the neighborhood! I have also a car and I can go everywhere! It so different to drive at the other side! Tomorrow I go for the first time to the gym to Body balance and Friday I go to Body pump!

Happy me!

 I am also looking after this little dogie Bella!

I have a very nice room with my own bathroom!
It is a very nice family and it feels I am at home!

And you know that I love to cook!
This is my first English dish that I have cooked.
 My famous courgette soup (not ready) !
 Cooking with the children!