Friday, December 16, 2011

What is in my suitcase and beauty case!

A few weeks a go, I went back to The Netherlands for a selection day on a university!
I flight back to The Netherlands and I had a suitcase with me!

I find it always nice to she what people bring with them, now you can have a look in my suitcase and beauty case! The most important thing for me are:
 - My wallet (with a passport)
 - My phone and charger
 - My make-up
 - My hair care products (especially a good hair brush mine is from Shu Uemura)
 - My favorite clothing and some nice shoes!

This is my beauty case with my make-up! I love Chanel the packaging is so pretty!
What I mostly use for my make-up is:
 - Foundation (Catrice or Chanel)
 - Powder (Estée Lauder)
 - Bronzer ( Estée Lauder)
 - Blush (Chanel, Mac)
 - Mascara (Pupa)
 - Eyebrow pencil ( Hema)
 - Lip balm ( Afther eden, Rosebud)
 - Hair serum (Shu Uemura)
 - High liter (Sleek)

What I eat in a day!

I start my day always with breakfast and the most of the time I eat fruit and I love mango for breakfast!
Sometimes I eat quinoa for breakfast that is a grain and it is very good for your health! 

Than for a snack I love the Raw choc brownie (from the Whole foods market)
Or I eat fruit, I love fruit!!!!

For my lunch I eat mostly a salad or sometimes a soup! 

In the evening I eat now in the winter a warm meal! It varies but I love to eat steamed veggies, broccoli, asperges with roasted tomatoes! In the evening I eat some fish with it! I don't eat meat but I still eat fish! 

After this meal I eat mostly some dark chocolate! Jummy!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Healthy lifestyle, The Whole Foods Market!

Yes finally a message from me!
I am sorry I was so busy with my English exam!

I like to talk about health!
For me a healthy lifestyle is very important because I like to feel healthy and know what I put into my body! I will make more articles about a healthy lifestyle and what I eat and what is healthy!
I think more people must be aware about the health! What you eat has a great effect on your health!
If you eat healthy you feel better and you look better (skin, hair, nails, teeth etc.).

I would like you to tell about The Whole Foods Market, it is my favorite supermarket!
I live now in England and in London there is one! Unfortunately there is no one in The Netherlands!
My favorite is at the Kensington High street:
Fruit and vegetables!
 I was at a very nice juice bar in London:
At this juice bar they have a lot of super foods that you can put in your smoothie!
 This was my smoothie, it was very nice!! Jummy!!
This is what I bought from the Whole Foods Market: