Sunday, August 14, 2011

Healthy tip: Coconut water and raw chocolate

Yesterday I bought some coconut water and raw chocolate!
I like healthy food very much!

I love the organic shop at my place they have very nice things!!
Yesterday I try two new things.

Coconut water is very nice, I like the taste of it and it is healthy for you!
You can take the coconut water also in your smoothies!

The raw chocolate!!!!
I love the raw chocolate, I eat only dark chocolate with more
than 72 % of cacao.
How more the percent of the cacao is how tastier!!
And this is a bar with raw chocolate and that is very very healthy!
In raw chocolate are a lot of antioxidants, that is very healthy for you!
Raw chocolate is not processed (not heated) and all the good ingredients are in the chocolate!

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